2023 Home Ownership Application Information

Homeownership Application Process Opens September 15, 2023!

Applicants must live in Fluvanna County OR work in Fluvanna County to be eligible for our Homeownership Program

Deadline: The 2023 Application process is now closed

The 2023 Homeownership Application deadline has passed

Fluvanna Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program


About our Program

Thank you for your interest in the Fluvanna Habitat Homeownership Program. We believe everyone should have a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home. Since 1993, Fluvanna Habitat has partnered with many Fluvanna families to achieve stability, self-sufficiency, and strength through homeownership. Habitat homes are built based on a partnership between a family and the community. To carry out our vision, we partner with individuals and families from application through construction to when the keys are handed over at the home closing.

We build two new homes each year in the tree-lined community called Houchens Place. We currently do not build homes in location other than Houchens Place. To keep home costs low for home buyers, we use skilled volunteers who donate their time to help us build homes. Future homeowners also donate their time, called “Sweat Equity” and participate in the homebuilding process.

What does “Sweat Equity” mean?

“Sweat Equity” means that future homeowners are our partners throughout our homebuilding process. They work with us to learn about homeownership by attending homeownership education classes and working on the home at the build site.

Habitat Does Not Give Away Homes

Habitat offers homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a home for the same cost as it takes to build the home. We work with homeowners through the US Department of Agriculture 502 Rural Program and can offer affordable monthly mortgage payments. In addition, we provide housing counseling and homebuyer education classes to help families understand how to build savings and improve their financial health in preparation for homeownership. A typical Habitat home cost is between $135,000 and $150,000; however, the home price is not guaranteed until the home is complete and all costs are calculated.

Timing: From Application to Homeownership

The Homeownership program is a long-term commitment and partnership between Habitat for Humanity and future homeowners. The process takes at least 1 full year and can take longer depending on factors such as income and credit ratings. We work with future homeowners on an individual basis.


A Typical Habitat House Includes:

  • 1,175 square feet for a 3-bedroom house
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Refrigerator/stove/microwave/dishwasher/washer/dryer
  • Ceiling fans
  • Covered porch at front entrance/deck at back entrance
  • Lawn graded, seeded and straw/shrubs
  • Sidewalk to driveway
  • Well/septic system
  • Heat & Air Conditioning
  • Detached Storage Shed



Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Home… 3 Reasons Homeownership may NOT be right for You…

+It’s Yours!

+Mortgages don’t rise like rents do

+Financial stability

+Safety and Security

+Homeowners are happier and healthier

+No waiting on Landlords to fix problems

+Community Engagement

+Sense of Accomplishment

+Children do better in school

+We build great homes


+If you don’t want the responsibilities of caring for the home. Homeowners are responsible for making home repairs, mowing and upkeep


+If you don’t anticipate staying in the area for longer than 10 years


+If you don’t pay bills on time – mortgage payments can’t be late or you could lose the house




What We Need from You as a Future Homeowner



Be our Partner through the Application Process– participate in our full process beginning with a meeting and home visit with one of our family services committee members.


Be Responsive– timely completion and return of application and supporting documents by the deadline is critical to a successful homeownership process.


Sweat Equity– participate in 100 hours of “sweat equity” per adult in the family, which is fulfilled by attending meetings, homeowner classes and helping in the homebuilding process. If you are physically unable to participate in the active building we will work with you to volunteer in another way.


Complete our Homebuyer’s & Finance Education Courses– this builds basic homeowner knowledge and helps with budgeting and understanding the finances of owning your new home.


Credit Score– a score of 640+ is necessary to qualify for a low-cost loan. If your score is lower, we will work with you to raise it and help you qualify (more information is included in the Qualifying for Homeownership document).


Down Payment– we have our families save $500 over the course of their education time to use as a down payment. We often are also able to secure additional down payment/closing cost assistance.


Pay your Monthly Mortgage on Time – missing payments or paying late could result in the foreclosure of your home.


Maintain your home– inside and outside including lawn mowing, weeding, home repairs and upkeep of appliances. There will be a Homeowners Association that will enforce the community guidelines.


Communication– keep us updated if your contact information changes