For many people, home ownership is the American Dream.

For others, questions linger.

Why should I want to buy a Habitat House?

Here are the top 10 reasons for owning a home:


Image result for painting a room1. IT"S YOURS!

You can truly make your home your own space and decorate it any way you want to. No more worrying about fixing nail holes or asking permission before painting a room or landscaping. You choose your style and show it off to everyone who comes over!



Fluvanna Habitat for Humanity builds beautiful, energy efficient homes. All homes have new appliances and fixtures-we do not use donated materials for finishing the house.



Image result for rates not rising3. MORTGAGES DON'T RISE LIKE RENTS DO

A fixed mortgage is just that-FIXED. The principal amount will not rise like rent can. No more guessing how much the landlord is going to want per month. (Mortgages can go up if taxes or insurance rates are raised, but it is usually in very small amounts).


Image result for piggy bank house


Every time you pay your mortgage, you are building equity in your home. This means that in the future, you may be able to take out a loan based on how much equity you have. Or, when you go to sell your home, you can buy something bigger and have a nice down payment. Also, the interest you pay on mortgage payments is tax-deductible.


Image result for graduation cap and diploma


Studies have shown that children who live in their own home do better in school, and have a higher graduation rate.



When you buy a home, you are buying into a community. Because everyone in the community owns their homes, they want the neighborhood to stay safe and nice. Neighbors get to know each other because they don't move as often, and lasting friendsips are formed. What better place to raise a child?


Image result for healthy and happy7. HOMEOWNERS ARE HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER

People who own their own home tend to be happier. Nobody knows if this is from a sense of accomplishment, less financial stress, or simply having their own space, but it has been proven. Children are often healthier as homes are better maintained and do not have problems such as mold which can lead to asthma.


Image result for landlord won't fix anything8. NO MORE WAITING ON A LANDLORD WHO WON'T FIX PROBLEMS

Repair problems don't happen all that often, but when they do, they need to be fixed. Waiting on a landlord to fix a repair often takes longer than it should. While renters don't have to pay for the fix, often living with the inconvenience for days or weeks is not worth it.



Image result for community engagement graphic9. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

Because they have made a lasting commitment to stay in one place, homeowners are more involved with their community and schools. They also ensure neighborhood safety and maintenance, and tend to become more involved in community events and politics. 



Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you worked hard, and won. Buying a house gives you a true sense of accomplishment, and shows your children what can happen when you put your mind and heart into acheiving a dream.